Invest in Yourself!

Gain Life-lasting driving skills!

  • Individual 60
  • $70.00
  • 1 HOUR
  • Individual “one-on-one” driving lesson, often used as an assessment lesson. Your instructor will evaluate your driving skills and provide feedback at the end of your lesson so you know what, if anything, needs to be improved.
  • Anytime Lesson
  • 1 Individual Lesson.
  • Individual 90
  • $95.00
  • 1.5 HOUR
  • Individual “one-on-one” 90 minutes driving lesson.The same as ”Individual 60” plus assessment of your parking skills.
  • Test Your Parking Skills
  • Good for assessment lesson or "introduction to driving"
  • Road Test Package
  • $140.00
  • 2 HOURS
  • Road Test session includes pick-up, pre-road test warm-up, use of school car for the road test and drop off after the test.
  • Warm-up & Road Test
  • 45 minutes of warm-up and use of school vehicle for road test
  • SR/T Package
  • $210.00
  • 3 HOURS
  • One hour driving lesson plus a use of our school vehicle for your ICBC Road Test. The driving lesson can be taken anytime, but no later than a day prior to the actual Road Test day. Road Test session includes pre-road test warm-up, use of school car for the test and drop off after the test.
  • 1-hour lesson & Road Test Package
  • One hour lesson as a final check before your ICBC road test plus R/T Package.
  • P4 Express
  • $380.00
  • 6 HOURS
  • Individual “one-on-one” 4 lessons package (6 hours), frequently used as Class 7 Road Test preparation. Includes (but not limited to) general driving evaluation, parallel parking, reverse parking, mock-up Road Test.
  • 4 x 90minutes lesson
  • Good 6 hour refresher package, recommended before your exam

To book your lesson, please call: 604 552 1192

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  • P7 Classic Package
  • $616.00
  • 10.5 HOURS
  • Good package for Class 7 or Class 5 Road Test prep. Similar to P4 package with additional practice time with a focus on required skills to successfully complete your Road Test.
  • 7 x 90minutes driving lesson
  • Package discount: $49.00
  • P10 Optimum Package
  • $850.00
  • 15 HOURS
  • Excellent starter package for beginners. We will introduce you to general vehicle control, how to observe and what you should be looking for. Upon completion of this package, you should be ready to start a home practice with your co-pilot.
  • 10 x 90minutes driving lesson
  • Package discount: $100.00
  • P15 Extended Package
  • $1245.00
  • 22.5 HOURS
  • Extended beginners package that covers most of what you need to know to start your independent home practice (with your co-pilot of course) together with an introduction to parking. This package is already a 1/3 of the minimum practice time a new driver should spend on training. Package includes 15 x 1.5-hour driving lessons.
  • 15 x 90minutes driving lesson
  • Package discount: $180.00
  • P20 Full Package
  • $1750.00
  • 30 HOURS
  • Our most complete training package. It covers everything as the P10 and P15 package and will prepare you to start your independent practice (with your co-pilot) and subsequently will prepare you for your road test exam. This package gives you already a half of the minimum required practice time, that a new driver should spend on training. Package includes 20 x 1.5-hour driving lessons.
  • 20 x 90minutes driving lesson
  • Vehicle for
    (point here)
    Warm-up and car for your ICBC Road Test included.
    Total discount value $240.00
    *Restrictions apply.
    See FAQ for more info.