BB West Driving School Policies


BB West Driving School will make all the effort to provide you with the best possible service and share with you our knowledge and experience, so you can become a responsible and safe driver!


We offer in-car, individual, one-on-one lessons only. No other students will be in the vehicle during your lesson.

Lessons are available in 60minute or 90minute format and as a single lessons or lesson packages.

For your convenience, we can also provide you with a vehicle for your road test, provided that you are ready for it at the end of your training package.

If a road test session (R/T) is offered as a bonus in your training package, but your are not ready at the end of the selected lessons package, the bonus can be substituted with one lesson session (max. 2 hour long lesson based on the package purchased).

Fees are payable in full at the first lesson, for all packages. Otherwise, a single lesson fee will be applicable at the time of each lesson, and due before the lesson.

All prices for individual lessons and packages are available online, or you can request a copy to be presented to you before or after your first lesson.

Prices subject to 5% GST unless posted otherwise. All lessons include pickup and drop off at the same location. Alternatively, you can request to begin and/or finish your driving lesson at the school office (no price difference).


You might arrange to use one of our driver training vehicles for your road test. Fees for this service are outlined in the school price list, and are payable prior to the road test.[

[Road test session requires minimum time of 2 hours, and includes approximately 45 minutes of warm-up/practice time prior to the road test].


Each 1 hour lesson consists of approximately 55 minutes practice time, plus 5 minutes to review your progress and to book your next lesson.


Bonus Lesson(s) and “Special Offers” deals cannot be combined; although customer has the right to select one of the two options and decide which is the more convenient discount.


At any point of your driving training, if you will decide to stop your driving classes with BB West Driving School, you can request a refund of the remaining portion of your payment.

Please note that if the above occurs, lesson price for lessons already used will be calculated based on a single lesson price. Refund will be given for unused lessons only and paid out within 26 days from the day we will receive your written refund request.

Your written refund request would be necessary for clarity of the situation and to help us understand how we can improve in the future. We appreciate your understanding.


BB West Driving School: Regular lesson price will not increase for the time frame of 3 months from the start of your first lesson with BB West Driving School. We reserve the right to periodical or seasonal discounted offers.

All pre-paid lessons/courses fees are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Inactive accounts over a piriod of 12 months removed from active database. No refund will be possible after 12 months inactive time frame.


Any cheque returned by the bank as NSF, will result with additional charge of $35.00. This charge will be added to any balance owing on your account.

Late Cancellations:

We regret that it is necessary to charge a late cancellation/no-show fee of $35.00 if the lesson is cancelled by the student without adequate notice (see below*).

The $35.00 charge will also be levied if a student does not attend a booked appointment or is unprepared to take their lesson for any reason. This fee covers rescheduling and instructor time.

We will gladly reschedule any appointment without penalty if given adequate notice (see below*) or with a doctor’s notice in case of sudden, serious illness or injury.

*Cancellation or change of a regular lesson requires 24 hours notice except for Monday lessons, which require 48 hours notice as the scheduling office is closed Sundays.

If another student can be inserted into the time slot we reserved for you, then there will be no charge at all.

Remember, there is NEVER a charge for lessons cancelled in a timely manner!


ICBC requires 72 hours notice for cancellation and are subject to a $25.00 late cancellation charge, which must be paid before ICBC will allow the student to take their road test. This means that canceling a road test with less than 72 hours notice will cost you $25.00 plus road test fee of $35.00 for a total of $60.00 with late cancellation fees.

Note: ICBC does not supervise, recommend, approve or endorse any driver training school and the statements herein do not imply otherwise.